Clerk's Office

The Township Clerk has specific duties mandated under Michigan statute.

Some of the duties of the Township Clerk are:

*Maintaining custody of all township records;
* Maintaining the general ledger;
* Prepares township checks;
* Records and maintains township meeting minutes;
* Keeps the township's book of oaths;
* Is responsible for special meeting notices;
* Publishes board meeting minutes;
* Keeps voter registration file and conducts elections;
* Keeps township ordinance book;
* Prepares financial statements;
* Delivers tax certificates to supervisor and county clerk by Sept.30th;

The Clerk's office, staffed by the Clerk and Deputy Clerk, is often a valuable resource for residents who are seeking information relative to the township.

General information from the Clerk's office may be obtained by calling (734)439-8842, ext. 204.