Supervisor's Office

Supervisor's Mandated Responibilities

Under Michigan statute, the Supervisor of a Charter Township has specific mandated responsibilities to the Township Board of Trustees for the efficient administration of all Township government departments.

Some examples are:
*Responsible for preparing the annual budget and presenting it to the Board of Trustees for their approval;
*The chief assessing officer is required to prepare an assessment roll covering all the taxable real estate and personal property within the Township;
*Responsible for managing and supervising the operations of Township utilities; *Responsible for personnel and employee benefit functions; *Responsible for insuring that terms and conditions imposed in favor of the Township, or its residents, in any public utility franchise (or any contract) are faithfully kept and performed.

In York Township, the Supervisor also is the Chair of any meeting of the Board of Trustees; may call special meetings of the Board of Trustees; appoints members to the Planning Commission and is the media contact person.

General information from the Supervisor’s office may be obtained by calling (734) 439-8842,  ext 207,  between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon, Monday – Friday.

The Supervisor’s Office is often the resource sought by residents when items of community interest need to be addressed.