Help Wanted 

York Township is proud of the work done by volunteers giving freely of their time to make this a
better community. These efforts are largely performed and coordinated by one or more of the
various service and advisory committees. These committees include the Historical Committee,
Parks & Recreation Committee, and the Environmental Committee.

In addition there are three other Boards and Commissions every Township is required to have by
State of Michigan law. These are the Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals, and
the Board of Review. These all have certain powers and authorities spelled out in law as well as
restrictions on those authorities also spelled out in law. These Boards and Commissions receive a
small compensation.

There are openings occurring on these bodies occasionally. In order to have these bodies
representative of a cross section of all residents it is helpful to have a list of persons interested in
becoming a member of one or more of these bodies on hand. This will better allow us to fill
openings in a manner that is representative of a cross section rather than being forced to fill an
opening with the first candidate available.

If you think you might be interested in any of these positions and would like to be added to a list
of prospective candidates or if you have any questions, please contact the Township at 734-439-8842  or