New Trail Marker System for Sandra Richardson Park

New Trail Marker System for Sandra Richardson Park
June 16, 2016/0 Comments/in Annoucements & Alerts /by Paul Fairchild

Check out the new trail marker system in SRP. The design of the system broke the current pathways into four lengths or “loops”. The yellow loop is the shortest, followed by green, then red, which goes through the woods and finally blue which is the longest and also goes through the woods. Park maps at Platt Rd and Willis Rd parking lots are new and reflect the colored trail loops. Please note that the current pathway layout at SRP combines, at different points, multiple colored loops along the same pathway.

When you enter from the parking lot, please take a look at the park map. Notice how the loops overlap in spots. For instance, starting at the Platt Road park map, please notice the marker post with four solid line colors on it.

TM1-300x225     TM2-300x225
This marker indicates the starting point of all four loops and therefore show four solid color bars.

Along the way you’ll see different markers showing loop directions if a colored loop is splitting off.


Here you’re standing on the yellow and green loop. Red & blue loop will go into the woods or you can continue on the yellow/green loop.

Other signs you’ll see along the way are below. Again follow colored arrow on the colored loop of your choice.

TM4-300x225     TM5-300x225
Some other signs we have added to the park are:

TM6-300x225     TM7-300x225

Shown below are Pete and Norm installing a trail loop marker and a maintenance area sign.

TM8-300x225     TM9-300x225
For those of you who are new to our parks, we hope the new trail marker system is simple for you to use and helpful. To all, we hope you continue to enjoy our parks and use them to take a walk, run or just get out and enjoy the beauty.

Paul Fairchild

Chair – York Township Parks and Recreation Committee